• HHB is delighted to welcome Federico Belotti (University of Rome “Tor Vergata”) as a new co-PI of the project.
    Assistant Professor of Econometrics, his research focuses on both theoretical and applied econometrics. Federico is the primary author of three popular Stata commands providing a significant addition to Stata's capabilities in terms of stochastic frontier, two-part and spatial models.


  • Thanks to the newly born collaboration with the Museo del Risparmio (Turin) and its “call for household budgets”, many families are now sharing their family accounts with the HHB team.
    Discover more on the call here.

    To answer the call, feel free to contact us at or directly by phone at the number +39 (06) 7259 5604.

  • The HHB Project is enriched by not less than 5 new surveys on living conditions in the country. They contain data both on urban and rural families, with slightly less than 1,600 records stored at the Danish Institute of Statistics.


    A pilot for the first survey (1897) is now complete, and a graduate student of the University of "Tor Vergata" is currently working in loco on her Master thesis within the Project, to provide us with further surveys of this series (up to 1955) soon.

  • A novel dataset collects the requests for charitable subsidies made by Argentinian and foreign citizens between 1944-1960.

    The records were collected at the General Archive of Buenos Aires, which reunites nearly 2500 requests covering the whole country. Each record provides information about the amount of the subsidy, household composition, income, housing, health, education and provenance of the applicants.

  • Pierre Blavier is completing a joint-PhD in Economics and Sociology at the Paris School of Economics. His research focuses on household budgets and “ethno-comptabilité” that aims at understanding what do people really value and how to account for it. His dissertation, based on an ethnographic field work is entitled “Household budgets in times of unemployment. The case of the 2008 Spanish Great Recession".


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