• Next Tuesday, December 20, the HHB Team will continue the series of seminars accompaning all the stages of the project. The fourth meeting will see an internal discussion on some research works based on household budgets data, soon part of the HHBD currently under construction.


    09.40: START;

    09.45: 20 Years of Household Surveys in French West Africa until the 60s: Inequality Measurements and What the Future Holds - Sédi-Anne Boukaka, MSc;

    10.30: A Noi! Economic Inequality and the Political Economy of Italian Fascism - Giacomo Gabbuti, MSc;

    11.15: COFFEE BREAK;

    11.30: Danish historical Household Budgets - Letizia Pittiglio, BA;

    11.50: Household Budgets in Argentina - Beatrice Fabiani, BA;

    12.15: LUNCH;



    Prof. Brian A’Hearn, University of Oxford (by videoconference)
    Prof. Nicola Amendola, University of Rome Tor Vergata
    Prof. Giovanni Vecchi, University of Rome Tor Vergata


  • You can now download the HHB-WPS from REPEC services. The project is proud to be part of the  2Million+ pieces that contribute to the dissemination of on-going research in economics. Read us on IDEAS, EconPapers etc..

  • Sebastiano Bavetta is Professor of Economics at the Università di Palermo (Italy) and visiting professor at the University of Pennsylvania (USA) where he teaches 'Economics of Freedom' in the Philosophy, Politics and Economics Program. He received his PhD in the Philosophy of Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science. His research interests have been concerned with issues in positive and normative economics and in political theory. He has published several books, including The Economics of Freedom, with Pietro Navarra (Cambridge University Press, 2012). His work has also appeared in several journals including Social Choice and Welfare, the Journal of Theoretical Politics, Constitutional Political Economy, Theory and Decision, and Economic Affairs.

  • Francesca Lipari is a visiting Research Scholar at the ”Philosophy, Politics, and Economics” (PPE) program at the University of Pennsylvania with a dissertation, entitled ”Essays on Decision Making in a Complex World”.

    Her research merges Economics of Networks and Information, uncertainty and incentives (including game theory and behavioral economics). Those theoretical issues present interesting applications in areas such as social mobility, inequalities or family economics.

  • HHB welcomes Andrew Dabalen – World Bank Lead economist, Poverty and Equity Global practice – as a new HHB researcher.

    Mr Dabalen focuses on policy analysis and research in development issues, such as poverty and social impact analysis, inequality of opportunity, program evaluation, risk and vulnerability, labor markets and conflict and welfare outcomes. He is the co-author of a substantial body of work on poverty measurement, vulnerability and inequality in Africa, and led multiple Poverty Assessments on the continent.

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