• HHB is glad to announce that prof. Tito Boeri – President of the Italian National Social Security Institute (INPS) – is now one of the HHB Fellows.


    Prof. Boeri is on leave from his position as Professor of Economics at Bocconi University (Milan) – where he had also been appointed Dean for Research for two years – and of Centennial Professor at LSE. His field of research is labour economics, redistributive policies and political economics.


    After obtaining his PhD in Economics from New York University, he has been Senior Economist for the OECD for ten years, then consulting for the IMF, the World Bank, the European Commission, and the ILO.

  • HHB Working Paper no. 8 explores a new facet of historical household budgets: their potential as a source of information on women’s lives, experiences and economic activities throughout history. 


    The paper focuses on women’s labor force participation in Italy’s last 150 years: despite its significance for the economic history of women, long-run evidence for this indicator is still uncertain, because official statistics fail to capture the full extent of women’s labor force participation as we go back in time.


    This paper offers a first-time empirical assessment of the existing historical evidence on Italian women’s work, and constructs a new, adjusted series of female labor force participation, drawing from an eclectic collection of sources which includes historical household budgets.

  • HHB is glad to welcome Adeeba Ishaq as a new HHB Researcher.


    Lecturer at the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE, Islamabad), Adeeba holds an MPhil in Economics from Quaid-i-AzamUniversity (Islamabad, Pakistan) and a MSc in Economics from PMAS-Arid Agriculture University, (Rawalpindi, Pakistan).


    Her research focuses on: development economics, labor economics, inequality, food insecurity, and well-being analysis.

  • HHB is glad to welcome Rabbia Tariq as a new HHB Researcher.


    She is currently working as lecturer in Economics at the School of Social Sciences and Humanities at the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) in Islamabad, Pakistan.


    Her academic background includes an MPhil in Economics (2015) from Quaid-i-Azam University (Islamabad), and the publication of her MSc dissertation about fiscal deficit and inflation in Pakistan (2014).

  • Today, the XREPP Seminar – organized by the Research Group on Globalization, Economic Inequality and Public Policies in Historical Perspective (HISTORIA) from the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Barcelona – will feature prof. Giovanni Vecchi's discussion of "Living Standards, Inequality and Poverty around the World from a Historical Perspective", on the basis of the HHB project. 


    Click here for more information on the event.

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